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Switching journals.

If I post anything from now on, it'll be over at hermionerd. Feel free to friend me if you want, but no hard feelings if you don't. I'm still planning to stick mostly to tumblr, but I'm tired of this username and figured I should still have an LJ, especially since I'm writing more fic lately.

I'm keeping this journal around, at least for a while, and will still read my f-list as long as I'm too lazy to move everything over.

See you later!
Sorry, f-list. I haven't forgotten you guys! I'm just...always on Tumblr. Oops.

Title: Seeking Lord Tubbington's Wisdom
Characters/Pairing: Brittany/Santana, Lord Tubbington
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo
Summary: Lord Tubbington is a very good listener. Pre-3x04 "Pot O' Gold."
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'd treat them better.
Author's Note: I finally got tired of this sitting around half-finished, so here it is if anyone wants to read it.

Lord Tubbington’s gaze is sympathetic, or possibly constipated. Brittany thinks they feel kind of the same anyway, because sadness is the worst thing to have in your tummy.Collapse )


A Good Man Goes to War

This was a fantastic episode in so many ways. It really was. I am not denying that.

Now I will refer you to beingfacetious 's post about what went wrong (warning for MASSIVE SPOILERS), because I don't have the energy to rage about this and this bullshit WSJ article on YA lit at the same time.

The Doctor's Wife Reaction Post



Spoilers!Collapse )

Series 6 Reactions So Far (FINALLY)

Sorry, guys. I promised reaction posts and then failed to follow through. Better late than never, though, right?

I keep wavering about how excited/hopeful/etc. I am for this series, mostly because my Moffat tolerance level changes from day to day. Considering how much of a RTD stan I am and how much I hate the Moff as a human being, my opinion of his writing is usually surprisingly high. Lately, though...well, I've had a lot less faith.

I'm not going to dwell on that too much, though. I can go in-depth with my Moffish misgivings another time, and right now, I'm trying to focus on (mostly...ish) the positive, because I love this show with all my heart, and there really is plenty to enjoy. Such as Karen Gillan's face.

Whoops, forgot to cut for spoilers.Collapse )
Murray Gold has been a hero as usual, and the visuals have been absolutely breathtaking. Still not a fan of the new theme song (even after hearing/seeing it for all of Series 5). It's not as much fun, and the cloudy thing makes me a little claustrophobic.
But next week, NEIL GAIMAN'S EPISODE. Ugh, I am so worried that it won't live up to my expectations that I think I have started to look for reasons to doubt it. I hope it's good, though. So far it's looking a bit Tim Burton-ish, and I'm...really not a fan of Tim Burton, but I have faith in Neil. I do.
And hey, it's still gotta be better than "Daleks in Manhattan."

I haven't posted here in ages, but...

...I am alive and just finished a very hectic semester, and now I get to spend the next three weeks doing nothing but directing a play and being in another play before I go home for the summer, so I think I'm going to break the silence (lol the Silence) and do ACTUAL DOCTOR WHO REACTION POSTS this time around. (That was a terribly constructed sentence. Whatever, it's the internet. I don't care.)

I just felt like making that announcement. I've seen the episode twice, but I'm not done thinking yet. ;)

A (not-quite-so-)brief explanation of why I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth and some summarizing of the time I was away, in case anyone cares:

Read more...Collapse )

So. Doctor Who things later instead of boring RL things!

It's good to be back. :)


This is how I feel right now.

Anyway, hiiiii, guys. Sorry for, you know, disappearing from the face of the planet. I've been trying to cut down on my internet time this semester, which means I'm still on it a lot, but not quite as often, and every time I've planned on posting something it has ended up getting accidentally deleted, which is stupid.

This semester's going well. It's my fourth week back, and I still really like all my classes, which is probably a good sign. I've also been reading a lot, at least compared to how little I usually read during the school year. The only lit class I'm taking is a theatre class, and reading plays doesn't take very long (not to mention the fact that I've read most of them so far...), so I've finished Catching Fire and Mockingjay (I might make a separate post about those later, because I have a lot of Very Important Thoughts, but I just finished them last week, so I'm still digesting and trying to figure out how I felt overall. So far I've come up with "conflicted."), and I'm a little way into The Yiddish Policemen's Union and trying to suppress the urge to immediately buy everything Michael Chabon has ever written. I'm also really enjoying Michael S. Gazzaniga's The Ethical Brain despite the fact that it's nonfiction and assigned reading. It's fascinating.

Meanwhile, in the world of TV, I'm so ready for more Secret Diary. I need more Billie in my life. Actually, everyone needs more Billie in their lives. I've also been catching up on Being Human (UK, of course), and why the hell didn't I watch this show sooner? It is fantastic. I love its take on the supernatural, I am madly in love with Mitchell and Annie both individually and as a ship (though I find myself shipping pretty much every combination of characters depending on my mood), I love that Russell Tovey plays a Jewish werewolf, I really like Nina, and the guest characters are just as memorable as the stars. These characters feel like real people in a really remarkable way, and I'm not sure I've ever seen anything quite like it.

Also, Annabel Scholey (Lauren) is the new Tonks in the dream Harry Potter cast in my head. (Wait, normal people don't have those? Oh well.)

All right, time for me to go finish some homework.
There is someone who keeps commenting on Mark's Doctor Who reviews praising the Moff and occasionally bashing Rose. His username? "Steve M." This makes me LOL.

I start classes on Monday. I am not remotely ready for the break to be over, but no one ever is. I think this semester will be good, though. I'm dropping voice lessons, which took up way too much of my time, and I'm only taking 15.5 credits instead of my usual 19-20. I don't have class till 2:50 on Tuesday or Thursday, one of my classes doesn't start till the second half of the semester, and a couple of them only meet once a week. After the hellish fall semester I had and the fact that I still managed to get all A's, I think I deserve a break, and I'm glad it worked out like this. It is way too weird to think that I only have one semester before I'm a senior. And then there's grad school to think about... *gulp* So not ready.

In other news, my birthday's in ten days. Here is a chart about my feelings.

Turning 17: A List of Pros and Cons
Only one more year before I can vote.I will be of age in the Wizarding World and therefore too old to attend Hogwarts.
I will be able to see R-rated movies without dragging anyone along who doesn't want to be there.<< My roommate can't go with me yet, which ruins most of the fun, and there wasn't that much fun involved in the first place.
I'll be one year closer to not being jailbait, which will have very little effect* on my life other than changing the fact that that people seem to feel the need to bring it up frequently, for no apparent reason.

*The "very little effect" is that I will not get those pesky Adult Content notices on LJ anymore.
I will be too old to go to Hogwarts.
I've made it through another year of being a teenager, which is comforting. Only three to go!I've wasted another year of my life watching TV I've already seen, reading truly absurd amounts of fanfiction, and doing a truly terrible job of taking care of myself.
In the fall, I'll be the same age as some of the normal freshmen. Wait, that's less of a pro than a straight fact.I will be too old for Hogwarts.
Um, my birthdate and age will be the same?Growing up means I have to eventually live in the real world and make money and stuff.
...I got nothing.I will be TOO OLD FOR HOGWARTS.

Clearly, I have a firm grasp on reality and my priorities in a sensible order.
I wrote this whole entry on the 30th and then accidentally closed the tab. It didn't save (fffffffffffffffff), and I've been too lazy to rewrite it. This version sucks.


Remember that picture of Karen Gillan in the black and yellow sweater? Matt Smith's a Hufflepuff too. (Man, I love these guys and their awkward hipster shenanigans. And Charlie McDonnell, of course.)

I got back from Florida...four days ago? Ish? It was cold the whole time we were there, I got sick (just a very persistent cold, but it was annoying), my brother has turned into OCD R2D2 (don't ask), and the most exciting thing I did was see movies. So here are some thoughts on Doctor Who, Tangled, Black Swan, and various other things.

I didn't get to see the Doctor Who special until the day after it aired, but I ended up watching it with my dad, who was surprised to find he enjoyed it. (Duh.) Christmas Carol and S6 Trailer spoilers ahead.Collapse )

After Christmas Carol I watched The Christmas Invasion for the gazillionth time. My dad kept asking about regeneration and Ten and whether or not Rose was his girlfriend, and that made it way more of an emotional roller coaster than the adorableness of TCI should ever be. I think I actually got him hooked, though. Someday, my whole family will watch DW. Someday...

I saw also Tangled and Black Swan while in Florida. Black Swan was horribly disturbing, and you should definitely see it if you haven't. Natalie Portman is fantastic, and parts of it are going to haunt me for a while. I kind of want to see it again knowing what to expect, because I am a masochist because while I love that I got caught up in it, the film nerd in me wants to study. I'll probably go again in a few weeks when I'm A) back at school and in walking distance of a movie theater and B) able to get in without a chaperone, because I highly doubt my mom wants to see it again.

Tangled, on the other hand, was adorable, and I think anyone in their right mind would want to watch it again and again. I think everyone in the world has seen it by now, but if you haven't, GO SEE IT. The animation is breathtaking (the hair), the music is fun--not Alan Menken's best, but definitely fun--and the characters are just fantastic. Tangled spoilers.Collapse )

Something completely different: I've been rewatching Angel and catching some random Buffy episodes when they're on (Sidenote: IT IS REALLY WEIRD TO WATCH ACTUAL TV. I've gotten so used to Hulu.), and I've noticed that Kate Lockley annoys me more now than she did originally, but Riley has grown on me a lot. He's never going to be my favorite, but I really don't hate him, and I do think he was good for Buffy. (Then again, I ship nearly every possible pairing in the Buffyverse. Emphasis on the "nearly," but also on the "every.") My love for all the other characters pretty much just continues to grow. Especially Cordy. <3 Oh, and the Dance of Joy still hasn't stopped being funny.

I'm also finally watching season 2 of Pushing Daisies, and I forgot how deeply I love everything about that show. It is perfect.

Just a quick update...

So who else is excited that MARK WATCHES DOCTOR WHO started today???

I almost typed "Mark Reads Doctor Who." Such is my obsession with MRHP.


I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow. I'll be gone for a little over a week. I'm terrified. Why? Because I don't know if I'm going to have internet access or the ability to watch the Christmas special. I probably will not die if I can't check Twitter for a week, but I might die if I have to go any longer without new Doctor Who. Either way, people had better not be tired of discussing it when I get back. I'm taking lots of books with me just in case.

Last time we visited family in Florida during winter break (two years ago), I spontaneously became a vegetarian. I'm wondering what I'll become this time.